22 Mar 2006

make me thinking

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blogsurfer said...

Hi, I found your site while looking for wedding pictures and wedding photography. Even though you didn't have exactly what I was looking for I did get some nice ideas. Check out my link here if you need any wedding info/ideas for your use. You'd be surprised how cheap some of these items really are. I sure was!

MrC said...

been checking out all your pics... lots of nice stuff ... hopefully you will be posting more soon!

i have a photoblog too, of Cornwall in the UK ... check it out when you have time!


Anonymous said...

Hi, your pictures are beautiful. Could you chare on your blog entries the camera you are using and the lenses?

Logizon said...
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Vera Fróes said...

Hi, beautiful pictures.

kasia & marcin said...

Really fantastic picture!